Molecular Biology Reagents

DNA and protein standards and products for nucleic acid probe size optimization and biotinylation

Vector® biotinylated protein and DNA molecular weight markers are standards for use with gel-based protein and DNA electrophoresis and blotting applications.

  • Biotinylated Protein Molecular Weight Markers  — provide eight distinct, 19–222 kDa biotinylated protein bands ideal for western blot detection using any avidin or streptavidin-based detection system
  • Biotinylated DNA Molecular Weight Marker  — consists of 15 regularly spaced bands between 0.2 and 10 kilobase pairs. Supplied ready-to-use, they contain loading dye so that electrophoresis can be monitored. Detect these bands on blots using an avidin or streptavidin-based system



Nucleic Acid Labeling with PHOTOPROBE® Biotin Kit

PHOTOPROBE® Nucleic Acid Labeling System from Vector Laboratories is the method of choice for simple and rapid incorporation of biotin at multiple sites along the entire length of the nucleic acid. The nucleic acid labeling reaction does not destroy the original nucleic acid nor creates its copy. The integrity of the original sample is preserved. Single or double-stranded DNA, circular DNA, RNA, or PNA (peptide nucleic acid) can be labeled with the same reagents.


Dot Blot Method

In applications involving several steps - from producing and labeling a probe to detecting the labeled probe - assessing labeling efficiency can be an essential part of assay design. The efficiency of labeling can be estimated by comparing the relative detection sensitivity of the labeled nucleic acid to a standardized sample in a side by side dot blot dilution series.