ImmPRESS® Polymer Reagents for IHC

Integrated antibody and enzyme technology for high-sensitivity IHC detection

ImmPRESS Polymer Detection Kits require little optimization and facilitate quick, efficient detection in cell- and tissue-based applications.

  • High sensitivity for optimum immunohistochemistry detection 
  • Unique, non-biotin based micropolymer technology
  • Ready-to-use, pre-diluted reagents
  • Time-saving one-step protocols
  • Choice of enzyme (HRP or AP) 

Choose ImmPRESS Polymer Detection kits for immunohistochemistry when you need:

  • Easy optimization and no risk of dilution error
  • High-sensitivity, crisp detection of nuclear and membrane antigens
  • Simplified multiple antigen labeling
  • Absence of biotin interference
  • Reagents for manual or automated staining
One-Step Detection
Species-specific polymer detection kits
Select for:
  • Single antigen staining
  • Sequential double staining
  • Reducing/eliminating cross-reactivity issues
Two-Step Detection
HRP polymer reagent plus anti-mouse or anti-rabbit amplifier antibody for increased sensitivity
Select for:
  • Unknown or low antigen expression
  • Maximizing primary antibody dilution
  • Convenience of complete kit format
Double Staining
HRP- and AP- anti-mouse and anti-rabbit polymer reagent cocktail for staining two antigens in a single step 
Select for:
  • Double antigen staining
  • Streamlining and shortening a double labeling protocol
Mouse Ig blocking and anti-mouse IgG HRP polymer reagent for visualization of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue sections
Select for:
  • Transgene and knock-out mice models
  • Genetically modified mice
  • Mouse xenograft tissue
  • Normal mouse tissue
One-Step Detection Kits
Species-specific, enzyme conjugated secondary antibody polymers.
Two-Step Detection Kits
Anti-mouse and anti-rabbit IgG HRP conjugated secondary antibody polymers with additional amplifying reagent.
Double Staining Kits
Anti-mouse and anti-rabbit IgG HRP and AP conjugated secondary polymer cocktail.

Explore ImmPRESS Polymer Detection Kits for IHC

Choose from our selection on species-specific and 15 or 50 mL volume formats of ImmPRESS AP polymer kits.

Choose from our wide selection of species-specific, universal and highly cross-adsorbed (VR series) ImmPRESS HRP polymer kits.

ImmPRESS™ Excel Amplified HRP (peroxidase) Polymer Staining Kits are complete kits that include key detection reagents including ImmPACT DAB and ImmPACT Vector Red substrates.

ImmPRESS™ Duet Double Staining Polymer Kits are offered as complete kits that include ImmPACT DAB and ImmPACT Vector Red substrates.