Conjugation Linkers

SoluLink® linkers are available as a flexible stand-alone option. The amine-reactive NHS ester and thiol-reactive maleimide versions of HyNic, 4FB, biotin, and digoxigenin are available to meet your conjugation needs.

  • Eliminate the guesswork surrounding bioconjugation — there is no need to run simultaneous, indirect positive control reactions
  • Simplify quantification and quality control — SoluLink is the only conjugation technology that can be quantified with a simple, non-destructive spectrophotometer reading that helps determine the number of linkers incorporated per biomolecule and the extent of conjugation between two biomolecules
  • Maximize efficiency — the high-efficiency conjugation reaction with TurboLink catalyst consumes all starting material using just a slight mole excess of one of the reactants

SoluLink conjugation technology powers the applications of numerous industry-leading biotechnology companies. For convenience, these linkers are available in pre-weighed aliquots, as well as in bulk and custom sizes for scale-up. Our products are manufactured under the TriLink comprehensive ISO 9001:2015 standard quality system to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality product.