Vector Laboratories bioconjugation experts can conjugate and characterize a wide variety of biomolecules including proteins, oligonucleotides, peptides, drugs, surfaces, and much more. To produce the highest quality conjugates, Vector utilizes SoluLink bioconjugation technology which has several advantages compared to traditional conjugation methods such as click chemistry and traditional crosslinking reagents. SoluLink technology is the only bioconjugation chemistry which is readily quantifiable, which enables unprecedented control of linker incorporation and degree of conjugation.

Our bioconjugation experts are available to suggest conjugation and purification strategies for maximum performance in your application. There are many options for purification and characterization of custom bioconjugates including size exclusion, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography, SDS-PAGE, mass spec, RP-HPLC, and LC-MS, depending on the bioconjugate. Contact Vector Laboratories today to request a quote and free consultation.



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